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Terms and Conditions


    • This agreement sets out terms and conditions of use for the website, domain name:, owned and operated by SUZ Ayakkabı Anonim Şirketi having its registered office at Kuruçeşme – Istanbul. SUZ Ayakkabı Anonim Şirketi shall hereinafter be referred to as “SUZ”, the natural person and/or legal person that will accept this agreement and register as a user on the website shall hereinafter be referred to as the “User”, and shall hereinafter be referred to as the “website” or “site”.
    • Subject of this agreement is to set out all products and services which are already available on the website and which SUZ will in the future offer/possibly offer on such site for the User; the terms and conditions of use of such products and services; and rights and obligations of the parties to that effect.
    • By accepting provisions of this agreement, User also accepts and agrees any terms, conditions, processes, and procedures available on the site and announced by SUZ in relation to uses and services within the site. User hereby agrees, declares, and undertakes that User will comply with all issues and aspects as specified in said statements, and use this website according to terms and conditions of this user agreement.

    • Website means the website, domain name:, which is owned, controlled, and operated by SUZ. (Hereinafter referred as the “Website”.)
    • User means a natural person and/or legal person that will register on the website as a user, and use the site. (Hereinafter referred to as the “User”.)
    • System Access Tools means any information such as user name, password, and code that is only known by the User and that allows access to User account and Website.
    • Communication Channels means channels of communication such as push notifications, e-mails, sms, phone notifications.
    • Message means any messages which SUZ will send Users for the purposes of marketing, surveying, information, etc., and which the Users allow being sent by the website of which they are registered users.

    • User hereby agrees in advance that User accepts terms and conditions of use of website, and will use the site in accordance with such terms and conditions; in case SUZ identifies any noncompliance with such terms and conditions, SUZ shall be entitled to suspend current use in part or in whole, temporarily or permanently, and if and when deemed necessary, terminate the use at its sole discretion.
    • User shall be considered to have accepted all terms and conditions hereunder and this agreement shall enter into force upon completion of registration. Agreement shall terminate upon termination of user status, or can be terminated unilaterally by SUZ.
    • User is responsible for ensuring that any personal information and contact information the User provides when signing in the site for the first time are true and correct. User shall be solely responsible for any damages and loss of rights which the User may suffer due to provision of any incorrect information, incomplete information, any information that actually does not belong to the User. SUZ is not required to verify such information. SUZ shall be entitled to seek reimbursement and indemnification in case of any losses which SUZ may incur due to incorrect, incomplete, wrong information, information that does not actually belong to the User, and similar reasons.
    • It is the User himself/herself/itself who will be responsible for ensuring security of the password to be created by the User and used on the site, security and protection of any other information provided for access to site, and refraining from disclosure or use of such information to/by any third parties. SUZ shall have no responsibility, direct or indirect, for any losses incurred or to be incurred by users and/or third parties due to negligence and faults of the users in relation to security and protection of their sign-in information and passwords, use of such information and passwords by third parties, and similar reasons. SUZ shall not be held responsible for any loss of information, view of information by unauthorized third parties, stolen information, and disclosure of information as a result of site hacking and similar events which are beyond direct and indirect control of SUZ.
    • User agrees that SUZ can store his/her/its technical information (IP address and similar) due to legal requirements, and disclose such information to only official authorities if and when requested.
    • SUZ has the right to use and cause to be used the personal data provided by the users and available on its database to convert user’s site use and visit information (including but not limited to visit period, time, pages viewed) into statistical data, use such personal data in the field of advertisement and marketing, provide information about new campaigns and events, determine general tendencies of users, and enrich the site content and services.
    • In case the site is not available due to reasons including but not limited to any technical failures in electricity and network lines, downlinks and uplinks, communication infrastructure, servers or devices, internet traffic jams and congestions, and similar reasons, SUZ will try to eliminate the failure as soon as practically possible. User shall not be entitled to bring any claims whatsoever due to failure to provide service, or any possible loss of information in the meantime.
    • SUZ is not responsible for contents of sites which SUZ introduces / will introduce within the site through banners and links.
    • User agrees that, when using the services provided on the SUZ website, User will comply with provisions of the Turkish Criminal Code, Turkish Commercial Code, Law on Intellectual and Artistic Works, Law No: 5651 on Regulation of Publications on the Internet and Combating Crimes Committed by means of such Publications, Law on Protection of Trademarks and Patents, Consumer Protection Law, Regulation on Distance Sales, and applicable decree laws, other applicable regulations and legislations, as well as any announcements and notices by SUZ concerning SUZ services. Any legal, criminal, administrative, and financial liabilities which may arise due to any uses in violation of such notices and laws shall be borne by the user himself/herself/itself.
    • Any notices by SUZ to the user will be sent to the electronic mail address designated by the user, and user agrees that notices will be given as specified above, the electronic mail address which the user has designated for such notices is his/her/its correct and current address, user checks such address regularly, and will promptly notify SUZ of any changes in such address, and will update his/her/its relevant information available on the site.
    • Any information provided by the user will be stored on site’s database, and such information will be treated as confidential to such an extent that such confidentiality shall not apply if and when such information is required to be disclosed by virtue of law.
    • User shall not transfer to any third parties the user account which the user creates under this agreement and any user rights relating to use of the site.
    • SUZ shall be entitled to amend terms and conditions of this agreement, in part or in whole, and/or introduce special terms and conditions for various sections on this page, at any time and without prior notice. In case of any amendment of terms and conditions of this agreement, SUZ will announce and publish such amendment on the site in such a way that every user can see and access, or may notify users of such amendments by sending a notification e-mail to users’ e-mail addresses.
    • Once the user reads and accepts terms and conditions of this user agreement, the user shall be deemed to have allowed delivery of any commercial electronic messages that will be sent to the user by SUZ. To this end, User agrees that any electronic messages for information, marketing, and/or advertisement purposes can be sent to the User by fax, electronic mail, short message, automatic call systems such as automatic voice call without human intervention, or any other means of communication, without need to obtain prior consent of the User.
    • SUZ is the owner and license holder of any and all materials on this internet site including the general layout and design of this internet site, and all information, images, designs, brands, the domain name:, logos, icons, demonstrative, written, electronic, graphical, and machine-readable technical data, computer software, relevant sweepstake system, business method, idea and business models on this internet site (“Materials”), as well as any and all intellectual and industrial property rights in/on/in relation to them; and all such materials are under legal protection. No Material available on the internet site, including but not limited to codes and software, can be altered, copied, reproduced, translated into another language, republished, downloaded to another computer, posted, communicated, presented, or distributed without prior consent and reference to source. All or any part of the website cannot be used on another internet site without consent. In case of any uses and acts to the contrary, SUZ will have the right to seek legal remedies and initiate legal actions.
    • User assumes all the responsibilities and risks arising from use of the site, and agrees that it is User’s responsibility to duly meet and fulfil any hardware and software requirements, and ensure performance of maintenances and updates as required for prevention of any malicious codes and materials when the user is connected to Internet, authentication of data inputs-outputs, recovery of any lost data.
    • In case the SUZ account is used by user for any purposes not specified under this user agreement and for purposes to be unilaterally determined by SUZ, or in such a way that will cause damage to either SUZ or any third parties, and/or in case SUZ’s commercial reputation is harmed due to acts of the user, and in any case if and when SUZ deems as necessary, SUZ shall be entitled to promptly cancel the user account, and initiate any legal proceedings against the user both before judicial and administrative authorities. Therefore, in case user commits any acts in violation of foregoing provision, user’s account and gains which the user has been entitled to, if any, shall be terminated indefinitely and unilaterally without need to show any further reasons, without prejudice to SUZ’s right to bring any legal actions and claims for any damages and losses which SUZ may incur as a result thereof.
    • This site may contain links to third-party websites. Such websites for which a link is provided are beyond SUZ’s control, and SUZ is not responsible for contents of such websites, and any other website for which a link is provided on such websites.

    • User agrees, declares, and undertakes that, pursuant to Article 193 of Code of Civil Procedure, SUZ’s books and computer records shall constitute valid, binding, final, and exclusive evidence for any disputes arising out of or in connection with performance of this agreement, and that this article constitute an evidential contract.
    • Istanbul Central Court and Enforcement Offices shall have exclusive jurisdiction over settlement of any disputes which may arise out of or in connection with interpretation and performance of this agreement.
    • User hereby declares, agrees, and undertakes that user has read and agrees all the articles contained in this agreement, and that any information the user has provided about him/her/it is true and correct.