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The Element of Heritage in the Luxury of Serena Uziyel

“One of the most precious values to me is heritage.” —Serena Uziyel

If we are what we inherit then Serena Uziyel inherited a legacy of craftsmanship. Her lineage, her tradition, and her familial roots have always been steeped in a sincere dedication to artistry, process, and exquisite beauty.

Staying True to Family Values

From a young age Serena was inspired by creativity and her desire for visual expression. She modeled her love of handcrafted goods and entrepreneurship on the powerful and promising women who came before: her mother, her grandmother, and her great aunts who created custom hats by hand for the Istanbul elite at their millinery shop in the Beyoglu district of Turkey.

Handcrafted, Luxury Fashion

Her dedication to craft has taken her around the world. Beyond a heritage-infused designed aesthetic, Serena Uziyel knows how to perfectly construct a shoe, layering art with architecture, expertise with elegance, and innovation with artfulness. A former graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York, Serena Uziyel honed her shoemaking skills in Italy, spending time in both Milan and Florence working side-by-side with shoe masters and building her foundational knowledge in the technical discipline of shoemaking with Grandmaster Giuseppe Joseph Amolo in Tuscany. Today, Serena Uziyel’s heritage continues to be a part of who she is as a designer.

Perfection in the Details

Like any life story, no two Serena Uziyel products turn out the same. From luxury shoes for women that retain a modern, yet minimalist design to luxury statement pieces like clutches, mini bags and totes that incorporate natural raffia and stone, Serena Uziyel’s handmade creations celebrate the art of craftsmanship.

Deeply detailed embroidered embellishments, such as silver and gold handcrafted chains resting atop a leather point-toe pump, are custom-made through an ancient wrapping technique, an intricate process that can take up to 35 hours to create a full chain-link. The final product is fine elegance, feminine sophistication, contemporary craftsmanship, and something truly extraordinary.

An Enduring Legacy

The legacy of exceptional craftsmanship is embedded within the lineage of the Serena Uziyel brand. Here, an homage to heritage has always been a time-honored tradition.